An own toilet for you or a smaller group
during the whole festival time for only 58,00€

The Camper-Service-Wacken GbR offers your own „private toilet“ for rent
during the duration of the festival.

The pros are obvious:
- everyone of you have experienced how public restrooms look like when other visitors of the festival don't use them like it is destined
- you would have your own toilet with your tent
- in a group you have the assurance who uses the toilet
- you can decide on your own about hygiene
- you don't have to walk a long way to the public restrooms at night

you'll get the toilet as a set in which everything you need is included:

• the „compact-toilet”
• a 20 liter canister with water for filling the cistern of the flush toilet
• 3 special rolls of toiletpaper for a good decomposition in the tank of wastewater
• a biologically degradable product of decomposition for about 8 tankfuls of in each case 20 liters
• a toilet brush
• directions for use

The toilet bowl is framed by the cistern of the flush toilet which can be fueled by the water canister.Next to the hinge of the toilet lid is the water flush pump with which the toilet can be rinsed.Oppsitely is the filling tube for the water flush.

The toilet is closed, hygienic, odorless and is qualified for people with a weight of max. 130kg.

Because of the compact system which doesn't need much place you can use it in a “toilet-tent” or in a free bedchamber of a bigger tent.

The demountable, closed tank of wastewater has a carry handle and can be emptied comfortably with a moveable connection piece in a public restroom.

The toilet-system can be “definitely booked” before the festival and can be picked up in the “Happy-Metal-Camper-Parc”-information-tent in the area “Y”.
Before your arrival you'll get a concrete festival-plan with which you'll find us in the area “Y” without any problems.

When you hand the toilet back we expect that the tanks are empty and that the coarse dirt is removed. A special cleaning or desinfection is not necessary, we'll carry that over.

The takeover and also the return of the toiletsystems can be effected from Tuesday, 02nd August 12:00,noon until Sunday, 7th August 11:00am. The information-tent of the “Happy-Metal-Camper-Park” is open 24 hours per day.

When you leave the festival you only have to give back the toilet, the water canister and, as the case may be, product of decomposition which you didn't use.

The rent for the whole toilet system during the whole festival time

Additionally a deposit of 70,00€. You'll get your money back cash when you bring back the toilet and the water canister without any defect.

The rent is only possible before the festival. For spontaneous visitors we'll only have a few systems left.

For the ones who don’t want to use the toilet in his/her own tent, we also offer a toilet-tent for rent. It has an area of 1,2 x 1,2 meter and headroom.
The rent during the festival time amounts 44,00€ (additionally a deposit of 60,00€)

(IMPORTANT! - Picture on the right is just an example - the final picture will follow)

You can buy additional special-tioletpaper and product of decomposition in our information-tent.

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