Here you can find our MOSHTEL FAQ; a summery of the most asked questions about the WACKEN MOSHTEL:

What is special about the MOSHTEL?
  • 24 hour recpetion
  • Obtain your exclusive wrist band at the reception (Moshtel wristband)
  • Paved walk ways within the Moshtel
  • High class sanitary facilities
  • TOP location directly next to the festival grounds, short ways
  • Parking next to the MOSHTEL
  • Own catering area
  • Chill-out and bar zone with a video wall within the camp
  • Stylish furnished containers with an own terrace in W:O:A Style
  • FMB incl. laminated MOSHTEL pass
  • Wi-Fi in the lounge area
  • Whirlpool at the lounge area
  • Separate fast lane entrance - no more standing in line
Do I need a W:O:A Ticket?
Yes. A W:O:A 2018 ticket is absolutely necessary to execute a successful Moshtel booking and to get access to the area on spot. The ticket is not included in the Moshtel booking and must be ordered separately after the W:O:A 2017 pre-sale has begun on
Where is the WACKEN MOSHTEL located?
The WACKEN MOSHTEL is located just a few meters off the festival grounds.
Who can enter the MOSHTEL and what do I need to bear in mind?
In oder to enter the WACKEN MOSHTEL you need: 1.) a valid festival writsband/-ticket and 2.) an extra Moshtel wristband which will be handed to you at the MOSHTEL reception.

For children and teenagers who want to enter the festival grounds please consider the regulations in the festival ABC under "C" - children and wellfare. Furthermore the legal regulations of the "Jugendschutzgesetzes (JuSchG)" (Child Protection Law) are binding.

Generators, music equipment, own refrigerators, big furniture such as couches and the erection of any structures are not allowed within the Moshtel area!
What are the operating hours of the MOSHTEL?
The Moshtel opens on Wednesday at 8 a.m. All other operating hours at the upcoming W:O:A will be announced in time.
How does it continue after the booking of the MOSHTEL?
Directly after your booking you will receive an Email confirming your booking. After that a booking confirmation will follow within 30 days. Before the festival you will receive a second Email with further details on how to check in etc.

A parking pass, directly next to the MOSHTEL, will be sent to you by mail.
How do I get to the Moshtel and where do I park?
The exclusive MOSHTEL parking lot is situated right next to the MOSHTEL. This means you have the most conveniant parking and no endless carrying. To enter the festival grounds you are required to bring a valid festival ticket, your parking pass and your Email confirmation of your MOSHTEL booking.

That is how easy you get to the MOSHTEL:

• A7 towards "Kiel" (use the Elbtunnel) until the connection "HH-Nordwest"
• A23 towards "Heide" until exit "Schenefeld, Wacken" (first exit after the exit "Itzehoe")
• from there follow the signs "Wacken".

• A215 towards "Neumünster"
• the use the Federal road (Bundesstraße) 430 towards "Wacken" (simply follow the signs)
• Please use this travel guide only until you reach our own signs. You can trust how we lead you to the festival. From here on the signs also indicate how to get to the MOSHTEL.

Further information on how to get to the festival can also be accessed online at the official W:O:A travel page
Who has access to the MOSHTEL?
During the festival days the MOSHTEL will be open 24 hours. The MOSHTEL may only be accessed from persons that can produce a valid W:O:A 2018 wrist band in combination with a MOSHTEL festival wrist band. Please appreciate that we can not grant access to other festival visitors to the MOSHTEL grounds.
How do I get my MOSHTEL wrist band?
At the front gate or at the reception of the Moshtel respectively you will be handed out your MOSHTEL wrist band. In order to obtain the MOSHTEL wrist band you need to produce a valid festival ticket, your MOSHTEL booking confirmation and some form of official identity card.
What does the MOSHTEL wrist band grant me?
The wrist band grants you nonrestrictive access and usage of all instalations within the MOSHTEL area such as camping, lounge, chill-out-zone and the sanitary facilities. those who own a MOSHTEL wrist band may also use the already mentioned fast lane access to the festival
What does the MOSHTEL booking include?
You can find all elements of the MOSHTEL package on our booking platform - you may also book your package there instantly.
Can we book as a group?
Group reservations are possible and will enjoy priority reservation. Please state the names of your fellow travelers when booking.
Will there be an info stand or a reception?
Yes, the reception is at the entrance and will be open 24 hours.


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